Can I donate to Citrine Realm?

If you want to, yes. :)

Donations are handled via the Paypal account of Shaila Gray:
Put a comment stating your donation is for Citrine Realm and any preferences about what goals the donation is for helping with.

These are some of the areas that donations help with:
  • Server hosting (currently ~ 60 USD per mo, includes both Minecraft and website hosting)
  • Domain renewals (~9 USD per domain per year)
  • Premium plugins (varies from 1 to 20 USD, one time cost per plugin)
  • Updated forum software (40 USD per year for Xenforo, varies for premium addons)
  • Custom development (varies based on developer estimates)

Please keep in mind this is a true donation. There won't be refunds just because you decide you want to buy lunch for yourself instead. Furthermore, you should never use someone else's money unless they have directly given permission to you.
Aug 8, 2016
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