What is the server address?

Unlike many Minecraft networks now existing, each single server on Citrine Realm has its own connection address.

Citrine Realm lobby: citrinerealm.com

FlyMC: flymc.net or fly.citrinerealm.com

Pearlmc: play.pearlmc.net

ULBuild: ulbuild.com or build.citrinerealm.com

What plugins are you using?

Generally, the server commands give away what plugins are being used on each of the servers and some less obvious plugins may be discussed publicly due to providing important member features. However, a complete list of plugins used on Citrine Realm will never be disclosed, due to risks of having bugs (unknown or known) exploited.

Why can't I connect to X server from the Y server?

The Minecraft instances run in groups and what servers you see as available to immediately switch to are based on the group of your current server. Generally, you should save a connection in your client list for each server you prefer playing on and switch between them by disconnecting and reconnecting.

Nobody is online!

Please keep in mind the following points.
  1. Citrine Realm is a new server network. It receives some promotion via friends and contacts from other communities, but many people already have favorite servers they're very invested into.
  2. Activity is based on the schedules of members, with the current majority being based in USA. During nights, school days, and family appreciation holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas), the chances of having a notable player count are pretty small.
  3. Even large server networks have low times, Citrine Realm is bound to have some quiet time as well.
  4. Most Citrine Realm servers provide means for members to play alone while waiting for others to come online. Quiet times are perfect opportunities to catch up with whoever is at the top of leaderboards.
  5. Consider checking if another Citrine Realm server has members online. Sometimes the party is in a different castle.
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