Questions specifically related to the ULBuild server.

What are the plot commands?

You can use the "p" instead of "plot" for the base command in all of the following.


/plot auto
Use this when you don't care where you build, just need a plot somewhere.​

/plot claim
If you want a specific (unclaimed) plot, stand inside it while using this command.​

/plot reset
Restore plot to original state, while keeping ownership of the plot.​

/plot delete
Abandon a plot. This both resets the plot contents and removes ownership.​

/plot info
View information about the plot you're in, including ownership and grid location.​


/plot sethome
Change the home point of your current plot.​

/plot name plot_name
Set a name/alias for your current plot.​

/plot add player_name
Allow another player to build on your current plot as long as you're online.​

/plot trust player_name
Allow another player to build on your current plot even if you log off.​

/plot deny player_name
Revoke all access to your current plot from another player.​

/plot remove player_name
Remove an add/trust/deny from the player on the current plot.​

/plot music
Choose music to play in current plot.​


/plot home (#)
Go to the home point of one of your plots. Number from "/plot list mine", leaving number off sends you to first plot.​

/plot visit plot_name
Go to the home point of the aliased plot.​

/plot visit x_number;z_number
Go to the home point of the plot at the particular grid location. Symbol between the numbers is a semi-colon.​

/plot middle
Visit the center point of your current plot.​

/plot kick player_name
Will send player out of your current plot, without denying further access.​

Is WorldEdit available?

Yes. Information tools are available to all ranks, but generation tools are restricted to promoted ranks.
For details about each feature, please view the official WorldEdit wiki.

Rank Permissions

  • Basic selection tools: //wand, //sel cuboid, //sel poly, //sel ellipsoid, //sel sphere, //desel
  • Analysis commands: //size, //count, //distr
  • Biome information: /biomeinfo, /biomelist
  • Unstuck: /unstuck
  • Help menu: //help
  • Extended selection tools: //farwand, //pos1, //pos2, //hpos1, //hpos2, //shift, //expand, //contract, //outset, //inset, //chunk, //move
  • History management: //undo, //redo, //clearhistory
  • Biome changing: //biome set
  • Natural generation: /forestgen, //forest, /pumpkins, /flora, //green, //snow, //thaw
  • Control tools: Extinguish, Smooth, Gravity, Butcher, Drain, FixWater, FixLava
  • Micro tools: DataCycler, Tree, DelTree, Info, Replacer
  • Vertical teleportation: /ascend, /descend, /up
  • Clipboard commands: //copy, //cut, //paste, //rotate, //flip, //clearclipboard
  • Shape generation: //cyl, //hcyl, //sphere, //hsphere, //pyramid, //hpyramid
  • Selection generation: //hollow, //line, //naturalize, //overlay, //replace, //set, //smooth, //stack, //walls
  • Brushes: Cylinder, Sphere, Selection
  • Vicinity changes: //removeabove, //removebelow, //removenear, //replacenear
  • General teleportation: /thru, /jumpto

No schematics will be uploaded to the ULBuild server. Anything present on the server must be constructed either directly on ULBuild, or another Citrine Realm server. This is to ensure we're representing the work of our community. Exceptions are unforeseen at this time.

In terms of downloading, there will be a paid option in the future to retrieve schematics created on the server. The cost will cover usage of server resources for securely hosting the schematic.

Requests to transfer and place schematics onto other Citrine Realm from ULBuild will be considered by each case.
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