"Breaking Bad"

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MBSky, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. MBSky

    MBSky Well-Known Member

    Just finished binge watching this series and it was great. The worst thing about binge watching is that there is no one to talk to about the show at the same point I was at. Way too much of a risk of spoilers trying to have that conversation with someone who already saw the show.

    The best part is that it was a complete show. I'm not hoping for a sequel or a special movie 5 years down the road. It covered everything and tied up every loose end on the show. Just a great show all around. Excellent acting, writing and directing!
  2. shaila

    shaila Staff Member

    Honestly didn't watch Breaking Bad (not interested), but as popular as it was, I'd be surprised if there wasn't another series based on it. Seems too much like "gold" to not be milked.
  3. MBSky

    MBSky Well-Known Member

    There is another series but it was a bit of a sequel called "Better Call Saul". He was one of the main characters on the show as a lawyer with questionable ethics. I haven't watched it yet but plan to. I'm guessing it shows how he went down the path to get to where he was in the "Breaking Bad" series. Apparently alot of other characters have made it onto the show too.

    I just don't want to see a future show because it really did finish up things perfectly.
  4. MBSky

    MBSky Well-Known Member

    On another site that I frequent, there are a few people that are starting to watch this series after being told numerous times how good it is. It's interesting watching their response to the show and their comments as each of the shows pass. I wish I could start it over again but I'm not one of those people that can watch the same shows/movies over and over.

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