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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by shaila, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. shaila

    shaila Staff Member

    Threads less related to games/gaming have been moved to a new "Off Topic" board. This is to make it easier to find general gaming talk from the purely social discussions.

    This won't be strictly enforced (some things are difficult to call gaming or non-gaming), but here's some examples of where to put posts.

    General Discussion
    - New game releases and updates
    - Deals on games
    - Game-themed user-created content
    - Game help

    Off Topic
    - General art sharing
    - "Getting to Know You Better" threads (favorite things, this or that, etc)
    - News from other areas of interest

    As a reminder, the general Minecraft news and talk goes in Steve & Alex's Lounge, so those topics don't drown out discussion about other games. :)
  2. MBSky

    MBSky Well-Known Member

    Sounds good! I'll try to abide by the new forums. Don't be afraid to let me know if I got something wrong.

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