Do you think all phones will get rid of the headphone jack?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MBSky, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. MBSky

    MBSky Well-Known Member

    With iPhone7 making the move, do you think that all the other manufacturers will follow their lead? Or do you think Apple made a bad move?
  2. shaila

    shaila Staff Member

    Removing the headphone jack was more for the benefit of Apple (sales, manufacturing) than consumers. That said, there's enough people that don't want any other available brand of phone that I doubt Apple will be bothered by negative responses. Other companies probably will jump on a bandwagon to remove the jack, but it'll be harder for them to overcome negativity.
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  3. Joey M

    Joey M Well-Known Member

    No, not at all.

    I doubt Sony will do this because they're well known for quality headphones and ear sets, so I doubt they would consider removing it from their Android based devices. I actually don't see many going down this route, as it's got extra benefits.

    For example my last mobile's power button started playing up, so I purchased one of them 'Pressy' devices - basically it goes into the 3.5mm jack and you can then set various tasks.

    But Apple have a tendency of drawing cash from their loyal but often blindly devoted fans. I'm sure its to safe space, but like they don't offer extra memory in the form of SD cards or their own option, for me it's more about the money they can make and not something which all device manufactures will pursue.
  4. Derpy_Stepdad

    Derpy_Stepdad Partner

    To go back and touch on the "devoted fans" I feel a lot of the Apple fans but their products simply for the name. I myself am an Android user and always have been i have had nothing but major issues with most apple products I use. The Mac book is prone to overheating while put under a decent load even with the use of a cooling table.
  5. Joey M

    Joey M Well-Known Member

    I love how Google's Pixel phone pokes fun at Apple with their iPhone. haha

    That said the device looks rather like an Apple product which isn't cool, far from it, however I think they'll regret doing and eventually find a way to re-put it back into their products. Click (a UK technology show) has already interviewed several people high up with Apple and they have all hinted that this 'removal' was a test more than anything.
  6. TheGamingRow

    TheGamingRow Member

    I also loved how google have names the colours of their phone...

    Very black and quite silver, really did mske me laugh.

    In answer to your question though, I hope we see some technilogical advances where alot of things can become wireless, but not until we sort out a proper way to wirelessly charge our devices etc.

    THe air pods from apple just look pig ugly!

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