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    I am Shaila, the founder/owner of Citrine Realm. In addition to developing Citrine Realm, I founded Pearlmc and am working on revitalizing FlyMC. Outside playing games and managing game servers, I develop websites and try to be knowledgeable about general server (linux, nginx, etc) administration.

    I started Citrine Realm because I feel like there's a lot of big gaming networks and a lot of small friend servers, but not many options for a middle ground. My goal is to have a place where a gamer can join and find some variety in game types, but not lose the feeling of being part of the community. While Minecraft servers are the initial focus for Citrine Realm, specific sections will be added for other games in the future, based on what members are interested in.

    I've set this thread so anyone can view it, but other introduction threads made on this board will require someone being logged in to the website to view them. Your introductions should be yours, not free content for thieving bots. :)
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