How many websites do you visit on an average day?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MBSky, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. MBSky

    MBSky Well-Known Member

    How many websites do you visit on an average day?

    I know that this has changed significantly over the last decade due to the increase in mobile phones and their use as the primary access. For me, I still enjoy looking around the web. I hit probably 12-15 sites everyday. At least a couple of them are new because I like to see what is going on in every corner of the web.
  2. Joey M

    Joey M Well-Known Member

    This is a difficult questions.

    I never actually keep count but I would average my daily activity to be around 30-40. Most of which would be informative rather than interactive. Naturally, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are among them. Sites such as BBC, Sky, general news.
  3. shaila

    shaila Staff Member

    Too many. :D

    I also visit a lot of informative web pages, frequently starting from Twitter feed or email newsletters that highlight popular articles (Refind, Product Hunt, Webdesigner Depot).
  4. Derpy_Stepdad

    Derpy_Stepdad Partner

    My average website visit is around 10 not counting duplicates. But if I count duplicates it would be 30 or so.
  5. Joey M

    Joey M Well-Known Member

    Just for fun, I tried limiting myself to 10 only last week (after a drawing a list of which was important).

    Very hard to actually carry out, especially when you want to check on scores (football) or find information on certain films etc. I'd recommend everyone tried to see how they find it, its like going back to the days of teletext.
  6. CyberDrifter

    CyberDrifter Staff Member

    hmm, I have 23 tabs / windows in 3 browsers open at the moment, only one of the is an RSS feed page.
  7. TheGamingRow

    TheGamingRow Member

    I visit around 15 or 20 a day.

    That number goes up on the weekends when I'm hanging out and just surfing the net.

    My work involves a lot of surfing too and I often find my self looking Up certain subjects and reading entire wiki articles for subjects I don't think I'll ever need to know or recite ever again lol.

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