Minecraft 1.11.2 Released (PC version)

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    Update: Some bugs, including one causing crashing, resulted in version 1.11.2.

    From new (official) minecraft.net blog:
    One of the things not mentioned, but notable, is both gold and iron nuggets can gained by smelting certain iron/gold-crafted items in a furnace. Items that can be smelted down are swords, pickaxes, axes, shovels, and armor (excluding shields). Smeltable armor does include chain armor, as its made of iron. This is kind of great, for getting resources out of almost-broken tools and unneeded chest loot from generated structures. However, each piece smelted only yields one nugget, no matter the cost of making the item. So smelting down items is a low profit activity.

    Unfortunately, the new Minecraft blog is less verbose than the Mojang blog has been. This is probably great for people that want to discover the details of changes themselves, but not so fun for people that would appreciate more information without having to browse unofficial sources of information.
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