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    Currently, Citrine Realm has a live "lobby" server. This is merely an entrance point if someone tests our domain. The lobby can be used to access a server external to Citrine Realm, but isn't connected with any public Citrine servers.

    The priority for next public server is Unlimited Build (ULBuild), a creative server. ULBuild will provide all the basics you would expect of any up to date creative server: access to most blocks from the latest Minecraft version, plot claims, and fun aesthetic features. Skilled builders may recommend their concepts to be the highlights of further Citrine Realm servers, with deserved credit both in-game and on the forum. Much of ULBuild is prepared already, so it will certainly be open before the end of August.

    Once ULBuild is open, focus will be given to the more unique servers Citrine will offer. These include customized variations on apocalyptic survival, good ol' fast pvp, and deathrow prison. Updates will be given at least monthly on the progress of the additional servers.

    Do note that there will not be a new server every single month, especially once a few are already active. Some servers will simply take more time to complete and there is such a thing as "too much". ;)

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