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    ULBuild is a self-paced, creative mode server at its core. All members have access to the primary plot world and claiming a plot allows building with most materials available in Minecraft.

    IP: ulbuild.com
    Alt: build.citrinerealm.com

    When you first log in, either use /plot auto or hover an unclaimed plot and use /plot claim. Once you have you plot, start building!

    Some important notes...
    • Only the primary plot world will be available through the first week of September. Another plot world is already prepared for afterwards and both a dedicated redstone world and open world are planned for later.
    • Redstone is nerfed on the primary plot world. Basic circuits should work, but devices may fail. It's an unfortunate matter that not limiting redstone can be extremely problematic for multiplayer.

    Member Ranks

    Guest - This will be the initial rank for all members after ULBuild is fully public. Guests have minimal permissions and can only claim two plots.

    Builder - Promoted rank for members of the website that meet activity requirements. Having a promoted rank on another Citrine server can also provide access to this rank. Builders can claim eight plots.

    Architect - Special role for members with more notable experience, not just with general building, but also using advanced tools. Overall server behavior may be taken into account before promoting a member to this rank, as some tools require more trust. Architects can claim twenty plots.


    Refrain from making any builds or using any client modifications that prevent other members from enjoying the server as intended.

    Use chat for conversations, not flooding text or showing the depths of how immature you can be.

    Talk about other servers is tolerated, but don't be like someone that enters Target and yells for everyone to visit Walmart instead (hint: doing so will get you kicked out).

    Report any problems calmly and with all relevant details.

    As emphasized in the FAQ, just don't be a jerk. Just as in the real world, there are consequences for intentionally causing problems for others.

    I have a sense of humor, but please keep trollish builds away from the spawn area and clean them up before you log off. Nobody absolutely needs to see your rendition of a butt.

    More Information

    Visit the FAQ for ULBuild to view detailed articles, including commands, for this server!
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