What Fall TV Shows are you looking forward to watching?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MBSky, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. MBSky

    MBSky Well-Known Member

    With the coming fall season for television, which shows are you anticipating the most?

    I'm going to give probably one of the most popular answers, "The Walking Dead". Sometimes I hate the show because of the acting or story writing but for some reason, I'm addicted to it. I've been watching "Fear The Walking Dead" but it pails in comparison. Can't wait for the big reveal of "Lucille's" target.
  2. shaila

    shaila Staff Member

    Never got into Walking Dead, but I got started on iZombie via seeing the first season on Netflix and am curious to see where they keep taking the show... it's such a weird mix of cheesey drama and standard zombie horror. Reportedly next season starts next year, not this fall though. lol

    Really, I tend to miss most stuff while it's running live to TV and then get my fix at the computer later. :p
  3. Joey M

    Joey M Well-Known Member

    iZombie? Not heard of that.

    I do like The Walking Dead, as I have followed the comic book prior to it becoming big but I don't really watch much live TV. I don't even know when the Game of Thrones returns which I am excited about, yet I don't really pay much attention to the general airing of shows.

    Largely I wait until they are well underway.

    On Amazon Prime I have been watching MrRobot, yet the standard of TV isn't that great these days and the shows which are epic easily cast shadows. I wonder when Better Call Saul returns?
  4. MBSky

    MBSky Well-Known Member

    I've watched iZombie a few times. Definitely different than "The Walking Dead". I actually like that they went in a very different direction. Too many of the zombie shows seem to want to follow the same path but "do it better".

    TWD is a great show because it came along at the right time for the right niche. The acting and writing aren't that great but they've created their own alternate universe and it works really well.
  5. MBSky

    MBSky Well-Known Member

    Started watching the second season of "Outlander" on Starz. Decent little time-travel show that has a woman from the 1940s mysteriously traveling back in time to the 1740s (or about there). Follows her new life and attempts to change future events. It's a little slow at times but I am looking forward to finishing this season. Not sure when season 3 begins but I'm hoping that it will be sometime this Fall.

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